Two books for author Lawney Reyes and Therese Johns

I was privileged to work with Lawney and Therese on two books. The first book features the tradition of Indian Relay Racing. Check this link to watch this amazing event, the Muckleshoot Gold Cup at Emerald Downs. The skill of the riders and the energy of the event is electric! The second book featured 50 short biographies of Native American people of all walks of … Continue reading Two books for author Lawney Reyes and Therese Johns

Snap Click Flash

Official rock musician photographer Darrell Westmoreland has snapped pics of many of the rock greats of our time. This book is a compilation of those photographs in an LP-sized book. This design was created using a collection of Darrell’s concert tickets gathered over the years. (Update: Unfortunately, my design was used without payment or credit, and recreated by someone else for the final printed piece.) … Continue reading Snap Click Flash

Dental book

Just finished this very complex dental book for Dr. Sagawa, the nicest customer anyone could want to work with. Despite his location in the far-away Philippines, communication went off without a hitch, probably because Dr. Sagawa is happy to answer emails in the middle of the night. The book was very detailed and included 1,500 images and diagrams. Dr. Sagawa has reported that his students … Continue reading Dental book